Photo by Joseph Saaid

I’m the founder and primary photographer. I practically grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s nice there. But I’m in love with Canada, it’s mountains, forests, and cities.

I was homeschooled, but I also went to university which graduated from in 2018 with Bachelors in Journalism and Media Communication. Important fact: I love Lord of the Rings. I may seem like a quiet person sometimes, because I’m an “ambivert.” I can be as outgoing as I need to be though, and it’s always a blast.

I would describe my style of photography as journalistic, as I did go to school for journalism. However, I take it to mean more that I am good at finding the story in moments and putting them together.

I can be silent and document, but I can also direct with precision and fun, as I also hold dreams of directing a feature film in the future and I learn and practice the art of directing. That goes for photography as well as film. Making an unforgettable experience both in-front of the camera, and later when you see the results is my ultimate goal.

I am 23 years old and I wish to never stop creating art. So, what do you say about creating something together, eh?